Help Students in need of Emergency Food

There are hundreds of post-secondary students across Canada impacted by COVID-19 that need access to food now.

Please donate generously!

There are plenty of ways to participate at this time!

- Join us for Black Communities and Food Access Panel fundraiser for Black students- Register here

- Join us for a weekly Web Series "Food is Life" - Real Talk with ED of MX & Host Farheen Khan. -

- Join us for our online Event "Foodrizon" on June 30, 2020 ( with performances, celebrity chefs and more) -

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Post-secondary students are a chronically overlooked population whose food insecurity is somehow accepted as a charming rite of passage. Before COVID-19 hit, nearly 40% of students were food insecure, and the sharp disruption of the pandemic has now pushed many more students into food insecurity.

As restaurants and markets close, many local farmers are left with the unsold harvest, and the pressure to plan for their next season amidst severe uncertainty.


We have created an innovative solution that addresses student food insecurity by supporting local farmers.

The Solution

Connecting Students & Local Farms

We are committed to ensuring that students are able to access good food by connecting them directly with local food box delivery programs - CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and Good Food Boxes.

Your financial support will enable us to purchase a subscription so that students will receive a fresh produce box directly from local farmers regularly until the end of the summer.

With the need growing each and every day, we need your help now!


How you can help!

Meal Exchange is in urgent need of supporting 300 students nationwide with secure access to good food until the end of July. 


We receiving requests across the country from far away as rural Nova Scotia and the need is growing! We are receiving more requests for students each day.

You are contribution makes double the impact:


By supporting students, you will also support local farmers and an agricultural economy in crisis.

 Weekly Food Boxes are as little as $16 per week or $2.25 per day! 

For an average of $300 we can provide weekly boxes for up to  17 weeks


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Meal Exchange is a registered charity. Our CRN is: 84052 4581 RR0001

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